Medical transcription

Medical transcription a perfect work-at-home job opportunity to make money!

Medical Transcription is a just perfect work at home jobs for the peoples who are really interested and looking forward for a legitimate and genuine job to work at home. The person who does medical transcription work is called as a medical transcriptionist. The demand for medical transcriptionist is enormous in this mounting line of work of Healthcare. It is estimated that the growth of medical transcription is going to multiply substantially in coming years and so there is lot of scope for the peoples who can do the work of medical transcription to make money. Medical transcriptionist can earn very descent money depending on the work he/she can do. Mostly the payment is paid per line typed (65 character) or on the per hour basis of audiotape dictated by the physician.

Medical transcription is the course of action where one accurately and quickly transcribes medical records dictated by physician and other healthcare professional of a patient to written text. One of the reason, why medical transcription was discovered was for the doctors who were not having much more time to write down all-important notes of a patient of whom they were taking care of such as health related issue. The insurance company needs a proof from a doctor about treatment given to the patient who is seeking medical insurance. Before the patient claim for a money to insurance company, the insurance company need a proof from the doctor about the patient diagnosis and doctor does not have that great deal of time to write down all the general history of the patient which include all the overall history of present illness along with the past medical history, family history and other related things concerning with the patient, so the doctors dictates the full medical report of the patient and send those dictated audiotapes to the medical transcription company and those dictated audiotapes are then transcribed by a medical transcriptionist and then edited by a editor to make sure the transcribed quality is 100% proofed as per the standard quality.

Medical transcription consists of a skilled work, which consist of first and main thing the hearing skills. Doctor dictates the patient report and the transcriptionist hear the dictation of the doctor with the headphone cord attached to the sound card of the computer and types the report. Many a times there are lot of patient reports to be dictated by doctor, in such situation maximum of doctors does not dictate the report in calm and slow voice, but instead they dictates the patient report as fast as they can with many a times the dictation is not clear and also many a times it happens the doctor dictation is not recorded clearly but the transcriptionist who has a very good hearing skill and experience has got the skill to catch the perfect word of the doctor's dictation and type those words in correct way.

The second skill of this medical transcription work is that the medical transcriptionist should have a very good typing skill.

Typing work is a word process done by a typist and medical transcriptionist should be a typist, who needs to have very good typing skills. More the dictated files typed by the medical transcriptionist more he/she will make money.

The third and useful skill that medical transcriptionist should have is a basic knowledge of medical terminology used by the doctor. If the medical transcriptionist is aware of the medical terminology used commonly by the doctor he or she can easily set up there home based work to make money.

The fourth and most important skill is a very good command on English language and grammar and very good vocabulary as English is the primary language used by the doctor to dictate the patient report.

There is lot of scope for the peoples to make money doing work at home in this mounting field of medical transcription. There is enormous amount of chance of making more money in this occupation opportunity. This work at home provides a promotion for the skill people so the people who worked in this fields are motivated strongly and can earn great sum of money.

The amount of money that a transcriptionist who work at home can earn as stated above can increase as his work quality and speed increases and as his level of job increases. He can start with a level of a transcriptionist with no experience and gradually with experience and his skills can move on to become a editor/proofreader and then QA, as his level increases so does his potential to make money.

The medical transcription work is primarily done in US and Canada but it is also done in most of the English specking countries like UK, Australia, New Zealand and in the countries like India, Philippines, etc where there are large number of English speaking people.

Before starting the medical transcription job to work at home, it is very important for the medical transcriptionist to complete the course of Medical Transcription. There are many companies who provide online medical transcription course for the peoples who want to do medical transcription work. The course mainly covers all the important topic related to medical transcription work such as they cover the subject of medical terminology, English to get a perfect sense of grammar, typing and so on.


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