Directory submission to make money

If you have gone through my previous blog how to make money with the help of and how to create your website with the help of blogspot than this blog will be more useful for you because only creating website is not enough to make money but instead there are various aspect involved after creating website and one of them is to generate traffic. More traffic to your website more the chance to make money and to generate this traffic directory submission plays very important role.

Directory submission is one of the main subparts of generating traffic. You can only make money from your website if you have large pool of visitors everyday to your website. Now how you can maintain large pool of visitors every day? As it is evident that most of the visitors arise from search engine and search engine is the main source of visitors to any website. If your website is search engine friendly definitely you will achieve a great amount of visitor’s everyday, infact more visitors more the chances to make money through your website. Now if you want to make your website search engine friendly you need to do two basic more important things, the first one is inbound links to your website, the more the inbound links the more will be the visibility of your website in search engine and more will be the popularity and second most important thing is rich original content which should be updated regularly. You can easily achieve inbound links to your website with the help of directory submission. Submit your website information to many of the directories as possible. The submission process is quite easy as maximum of the directories provides a form which you need to fill up, but only thing is that it is time consuming because you have to manually submit your website information to all of these directories.

What is directory? Directory is an information bank which contains large number of websites and which gives feeds to most of the search engine like,,, etc to find relevant websites. Directories are website which is made up of bunch of websites of many different categories, but before any website is listed in these directories it is first manually edited to find the relevancy of that website which needed to be included. There are more than 2500+ directories on internet which includes paid, free, reciprocal, and niche directories. If you want to make money through your website, it is mandatory to submit your websites to maximum of these directories in order to increase your search engine popularity and visibility and additional visitors from these directories to your website.

There are different categories in directories such as paid, free, reciprocal and niche directories?

Paid directories are directories which ask for money in order to include your website in their directory. As many of the paid directories are having good page ranking, getting included in these paid directories definitely helps you to increase your website page ranking which in turn increase your search engine popularity and visibility which will driver more traffic to your website ending up to make more money from your website. These paid directories do ask any amount of money ranging from 0.99 cents to $2 to $20 or more than $50 also and it may also be for some limited time period or it may be a permanent link in their directory depending on their rules and guidelines. The other benefit to include your website in these directories are that they give first priority to your website and your website is included on the top most level where every visitor to those directories can have a very good visibility of your website which in turn can increase your website traffic to make money other than only from search engines source. But still if you don’t want to pay money in order to get included in these directories you can shift to free, reciprocal and niche directories which still can help you to increase you website visitors in order to make money from your website.

Free directories are directories which are free to include your website in their directories, but also they do provide you with various options to include your website in their directory. They also ask for money or reciprocal link but it is not compulsory, you still have chance to include your website for free without paying them or giving exchanging link with their directory but also if you pay them, they will include your website immediately within 24 hours to 48 hours or else if you opted for free, they might consider your website to include in their directory for even a month of more. Reciprocal link to this directory also help for fast approval of your website.

Reciprocal directories are directories where you need to place those directories link to your website in order to get listed in those directories. To make money through your website it is viable to generate more links toward your website and with the help of this reciprocal directories chances of approval and link back to your website is quite possible.

In summary if you have created website it is mandatory for you to get listed in these directories in order to generate more traffic in short more traffic to your website more the chance to make money.


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